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Geospatial queries with MongoDB

Geospatial queries with MongoDB

I'm currently playing with MongoDB and its geospatial queries. It’s pretty interesting so far, so I just thought I'd write something up to show how I'm using it with PyMongo!

Firstly, the obvious pip install pymongo is needed. We will need a mongo client first, which is easy enough

from pymongo import MongoClient

client = MongoClient()
Import Pymongo and create a client

It’s pretty neat - by default, MongoClient will connect to mongodb://localhost:27017.

You might want to do something like this instead though

url = os.environ.get("MONGO_URL", "mongodb://localhost:27017")
client = MongoClient(url)
Create a client, but in a configurable way

We're going to want to create a MongoDB index on a document field to allow the geospatial magic to work. We will be creating a 2dsphere index.

from pymongo import MongoClient, GEOSPHERE, DESCENDING

client = MongoClient()
db =[("location", GEOSPHERE)])
Create an index on the location field

Now all that is needed is to insert a document and run a query :) We'll insert a document that just has a location field{
	“location”: {
		"coordinates" : [ 
    		"type" : "Point"
Add something :O

The location field needs to be GeoJSON, which is a JSON standard for representing geographic features. It makes querying for documents super easy!{
	"location": {
		"$near": {
			"$geometry": {"type": "Point", "coordinates": [LAT, LONG]},
			"$maxDistance": range,
Testing it out